How to Forget Wi-Fi Network on Windows 11

Microsoft Windows remembers key points when you connect your computer to a network connection. This is usually because Microsoft Windows doesn’t have community highlights that automatically join the community the next time you visit. Unexpectedly now you may ask I have to learn how to Forget Wi-Fi network in Windows 11. The answer is really simple,

Sometimes when troubleshooting Wi-Fi connection in Windows 11, clearing or deleting stored Wi-Fi network settings and starting afresh can be beneficial. Or maybe sometimes you don’t want your personal computer to connect to a hotspot anymore. The good news is that it’s easy to “Forget Wi-Fi Network” with just a few clicks.

How to Forget Wi-Fi Network on Windows 11

How to Forget Wi-Fi Network Just Quick Settings

It’s easy to ” Forget Wi-Fi Network ” using the quick settings menu if that network will be nearby. First, click on the Quick Configuration button from the Windows taskbar specifically located in the right part. A hidden switch is located on the special Wi-Fi and audio volume icon.

How to Forget Wi-Fi Network on Windows 11

Once the Quick Settings menu appears, locate the Wi-Fi control button and click on the side arrow inside it. [ If you don’t see the Wi-Fi control button, you can click the pencil icon and add it to the quick configuration menu. ]

How to Forget Wi-Fi Network on Windows 11

Usually, the Quick Settings menu displays a set of Wi-Fi access items at the top of the list, such as the one you’re currently connected to [if any].

Identify the Wi-Fi accessibility point whose user profile you want in order to delete and right-click it. Select [ Forget ] in the little menu that seems.

Alert: Before you ” Forget Wi-Fi Network “, be sure to know the network’s Wi-Fi username and password if you plan to reconnect in the future. Neglecting will erase your stored Wi-Fi username and password for that community.

How to Forget Wi-Fi Network on Windows 11

Microsoft Windows 11 will intercontinental Wi-Fi network, clarifying its stashed adjustments for that certain access point. In the event it had recently been the standard Wi-Fi access level, your PC won’t attempt to attach up to that automatically.

To be able to reconnect to the network you just forgot, “Connect” button under the Wi fi network’s name in the list, type in the username and password, and you’ll be back online.

How to Forget Manage Known Network in Settings

You may also forget saved Wi fi networks in the Windows 11 Configurations app. This will allow you to” Forget Wi-Fi Network ” even should you are not within an array of it at the moment.

To do this, open Settings (press Windows+i), then get around to Network & Internet > Wi-Fi and click [ Manage Known Systems. ]

How to Forget Wi-Fi Network on Windows 11

Within the [ Manage Known Networks ] menu, locate the Wi-Fi network you want to remove and click on the [ Forget ] button beside it.

How to Forget Wi-Fi Network on Windows 11

Microsoft Windows 11 will delete typically the network, and you happen to be set. Close Adjustments, and you could keep with your PC as common. Good chance!

How to Delete All Networks on Windows 11 using CMD?

In case you have attached your computer to many networks, then using the second method which I led here, will require quite a time. Consequently, instead, you have to use CMD and remove all the networks connected to your computer at once.

Open CMD and type the following order.

<strong>netsh wlan delete profile name=* i=*</strong>

Right after typing the control, press Enter on the keyboard, once all the systems are removed, you do the listing in CMD.

How to Forget Wi-Fi Network on Windows 11

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This is one way you can erase all the attached Wi-Fi connections from your computer. I wish this short article has already been useful to you and let me personally know your ideas regarding this post in the comment area.

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